Aluminium tube - Aluminium fin Coils

Spirotech has successfully developed this product after a lot of research and trials in the past and is the first Company in India to introduce the same in both Condensing and Cooling coils. Serial production has commenced in June 2013 and is available in 7 mm and 9.52 mm (⅜") diameter Smooth tubes in the following fin patterns.

7 mm tube dia. x 25.4 mm (Hole to hole) x 22 mm (fin width)

9.52 mm tube dia. x 25.4 mm (Hole to hole) x 22 mm (fin width)

All child parts namely End Plates and Aluminium Headers/distributors are manufactured in house in most modern Press Shop & Header Shop to ensure Quality and reduced costs.

Our past research has helped in selecting the correct alloy, hardness & wall thickness of Aluminium tube, the correct brazing material, flux, and technique. We also give the option of brazing a copper inlet / outlet tube to enable the customer to do their connections if the customer desires.